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From the President

Mary GillilandAs I begin my tenth year as President of Phi Beta Kappa – Northern California Association, I thank the mem-bership for its confidence in me. I have enjoyed serving ΦBKNCA these past terms and look forward to an equally pleasant experience in 2019-20.

Our Board this coming year consists mostly of returning officers and chairs. I am pleased that so many were willing to “re-up” for another term, and I welcome O’Neil Dillon as 1st VP, Programs. These people are a de-lightful group with whom to associate and they make my job very easy, as they do all the work! The 2019-20 Nominating Committee consists of four members: Judy Hardardt– Chair, Elizabeth Archambeault, Maria Norall, and Gerry Richards. If you should feel a yen to participate in the governance of ΦBKNCA, please contact one of these people to discuss the various openings we may have in the future.

At the Association’s Annual Meeting, held 5 May 2019 at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, we presented $7500 scholarships to twelve graduate students from six universities in our region. We also gave five Teaching Excel-lence Awards to faculty members from three different campuses; these professors were nominated by former students for their outstanding ability to make learning interesting and inspiring. It is not too early to nominate a teacher who had a great impact on your life for the 2020 TE Award; see the Teaching Excellence Awards sec-tion on page two. Funds for our scholarships and awards come from your membership fees and gifts (all fully tax-deductible), also from any profit on our social programs. Please support ΦBKNCA however you are able: attend our monthly events to meet other members and to learn about the wonders of the Bay Area, donate to our Scholarship and Teaching Excellence funds, and join a hundred or more “seekers after knowledge” at the annual Asilomar conference; the next will be held over the weekend of February 14-17, 2020.

I look forward to meeting many of you at some of our events.

Mary Turner Gilliland, President 2011-2020

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming activities, and I thank you for your continued support of Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association.
Mary Turner Gilliland President 2011-19, Mltg@aol.com
Twelve Scholarship Awards Presented May 5, 2019

Twelve Scholars and Five Teachers Honored
Sunday May 5, 2019 at the Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley

In fulfillment of its mission to encourage scholarship and research, the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association is honoring the following outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students with $7,500 scholarship awards to assist them in completing their educational objectives:

The Scholarship awards for 2019 were presented to:

Keru Cai, UC Berkeley, Comparative Literature

Abrar Choudhury, UC San Francisco, Medicine/Biomedical Sciences

Melissa Cronin, UC Santa Cruz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Natalia Duong, UC Berkeley, Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies

Adrienne Epstein, UC San Francisco, Epidemiology & Translational Sciences (Hendess award)

Steven Foley, UC Santa Cruz, Linguistics (Gilliland award)

Stefan Lemke, UCSF, Neuroscience 

Ryane Logsdon, UC Davis, Animal Behavior Graduate Group

Mashail Malik, Stanford, Political Science

Araceli Serrano, UC Santa Cruz, Earth Science (Norall award)

Emma Steigerwald, UC Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy, & Management (Reed award)

Gloria Yu, UC Berkeley, History  (Hardardt award)


See the students and read about their accomplishments here or click on the names above


Students1 Keru Cai, Abrar Choudhury, Melissa Cronin, Natalia Duong, Adrienne Epstein, Steven Foley

Keru Cai, Abrar Choudhury, Melissa Cronin, Natalia Duong, Adrienne Epstein, Steven Foley


Stefan Lemke, Ryane Logsdon, Mashail Malik, Araceli Serrano, Emma Steigerwald, Gloria YuStefan Lemke, Ryane Logsdon, Mashail Malik, Araceli Serrano, Emma Steigerwald, Gloria Yu

Scholarship Committee members: Joanne Sandstrom (Chair), Jeff Fenton, Lynne Fovinci, Julie Fuchs, Jean James

From 1982 through 2018, the Association awarded 325 scholarships totaling $1,317,214 to outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students

Five Excellence in Teaching Awards Presented, May 5, 2019

Daniel Mason, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford

David Olson, Department of Chemistry, U.C. Davis

Gabriel Oberi Gann, Department of Physics, U.C. Berkeley

Robert Siegel, Department of Microbiology, Stanford

See the teachers and read about their accomplishments here or click on the links above

TE Awardees - James Housefield, Daniel Mason, David Olson, Gabriel Oberi-Gann, Robert Siegel

James Housefield, Daniel Mason, David Olson, Gabriel Oberi Gann, Robert Siegel

Teaching Excellence Committee members: Narcinda Lerner (Chair),Kimberly Aquilar, Mary Hanel, Bryan Phan

The awards were presented on May 5, 2019 at the Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley, at our Annual Luncheon. On that occasion we celebrated our primary mission: providing scholarships and teaching awards to deserving scholars and professors to recognize and enhance their educational and research activities.

Information about our event enrollment, refund and cancellation policies

Most events can accommodate you and any friends or family you'd like to bring along. Occasionally an event will have a limited enrollment, in which case we may not be able to accommodate more than one member and one guest per enrollment. No refunds; fees will be donated to the scholarship fund program in lieu of a refund. You will not receive written confirmation of your reservation for the events unless you register online. Directions are available from the event websites, Google.com, your GPS, or on the day of the event by calling O’Neil at 510-207-8761.

If you subsequently can’t make an event, others may be waiting. Kindly notify O’Neil Dillon, Programs, cell 510-207-8761, oneilsdillon@gmail.com

EVENT - Sunday, July 21, 2019: Oakland Museum focus on Architecture

Sunday, July 21, 2019: Oakland Museum focus on Architecture

Experience OMCA’s remarkable mid-century modernist landmark building with the guidance of the Museum’s expert members of the Council on Architecture. This tour shares with you a few of the highlights of the incredible building, including views of Lake Merritt and downtown Oakland from atop a three-tiered roof garden, and the serene Koi Pond. It is a truly Californian indoor/outdoor landmark.

Built in 1969 with a design by Kevin Roche and landscaping by Dan Kiley, the Museum recently completed a major renovation and expansion project, overseen by San Francisco-based firm Mark Cavagnero Associates, which honors Roche and Kiley’s original vision of a vibrant urban park and public space.

Learn about the social times and urban planning concepts the architects (both structural and landscape) took into consideration when designing the museum, which whose collection is as interesting as the architecture itself. 

Website http://museumca.org/

Meet at Museum ticket desk
Date-  Sunday July 21, 2019
Time 12:30 PM, Tour starts 1 PM.

Limit-  30
Deadline-  Saturday, July 20th
Cost $10 
Place- Oakland Museum, 1000 Oak St, Oakland California

Directions and parking
Parking - The entrance to the parking garage is on Oak Street between 10th and 12th streets. Parking fees are $3 per hour.



EVENT - Saturday, August 17, 2019. Guide Dogs for the Blind

Saturday, August 17, 2019. Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide DogsGuide Dogs for Blind in San Rafael is the largest training center in North America. This tour comes highly recommended and will be a very poignant and moving experience for all. Don’t miss it!


The morning tour at 11 AM is a docent-led walking tour of the campus with a video and information about the programs and blindness. No seating is available. Bring a picnic lunch to have on the reserved patio while waiting for the afternoon program. A gift shop is available to explore.


The afternoon Graduation Ceremony at 1:30 PM consists of talks by the blind or visually-impaired, who have been at the Center for two weeks being matched with their Guide Dogs and trained how to work with their new Guide Dog. The trainers who trained them will also be in attendance. A brief video about the program will be shown.


The people who raised the Guide Dog as a puppy from about 8 weeks to 15 months also come. Sometimes other members of their puppy-raising club attend. Both the graduate, (recipient of their new Guide Dog), and the puppy-raiser say a few words about their experiences. The graduate Guide Dog just gets to wag its tail.


Date - Saturday, August 17, 2019

Deadline - Sunday, July 7, 2019

Time- 11-12 AM tour, bring a picnic lunch, then 1:30 PM-2:30 PM Graduation Ceremony. Do either one or both.


Location -

Guide Dogs for the Blind

350 Los Ranchitos Rd.

San Rafael, CA

Parking- lots of Street parking. Drop off only at center itself.

Meet at the Visitor Center, first building on the left beginning 10:30 AM

Fee - $10

Max number- 40


More info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guide_Dogs_for_the_Blind



EVENT - Saturday, September 14, 2019. Aftel Archive of Curious Scents

Saturday, September 14, 2019. Aftel Archive of Curious Scents

letterpress stripsThe Aftel Archive of Curious Scents is not just the first museum in the U.S. dedicated to perfume, but more beguilingly, the first one dedicated to the experience of fragrance. This tiny museum manages to contain the olfactory history of the world: hundreds of natural essences, raw ingredients and antique tinctures gathered from every corner of the globe, and all available for visitors to smell.


This small museum host 8 guests at a time for an hour’s tour, allowing visitors to experience many different fragrances as well as have three letter-press scent strips to dip in essences and take home (shown at left).          


Anyone having read “Moby Dick”  will know that a prized substance from sperm whales is Ambergris, used in perfumery and derived from the squid Sperm whales eat. It is, in essence, whale poop mostly found floating on the ocean’s surface..   Ever wonder what Ambergris fragrance is like?  Now is your chance!   Experience a 100 year old sample, as well as modern synthetic ones, and this is only one of hundreds of different fragrant substances at the Archive!


Date-Saturday, September 14, 2019

Deadline -  September 1, 2019 (early registration highly recommended)

Time- First tour starts promptly at 10 AM for 8 attendees and last one hour. Arrive at least 15 minutes before.

Additional tours starts hourly thereafter. Attendees will be assigned their tour times via E-mail based on when they register for the event.

Fee - $30


In the middle of Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto

1518-1/2 Walnut St.

Cottage at end of brick driveway

Berkeley, CA

Parking- on the street

Max attendees-  24


More information




EVENT - Asilomar 2020 34nd Annual Asilomar Conference 
the weekend of February 14 - 17, 2020

Asilomar 2020 34nd Annual Asilomar Conference 
the weekend of February 14 - 17, 2020

Where is Asilomar? The beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds was designed in the Arts & Crafts style by architect Julia Morgan and is located near Monterey, California. We have held our conference there for the past 33 years. For more see the Wiki

Asilomar once again beckons! Last year’s conference reminded us of the pleasures of dialogue in the liberal arts – a conversation that flows from history to literature, from biology to design, from neuroscience to music to foreign affairs. Many members have already registered in anticipation of another great event. We are contacting potential speakers now (do you have a suggestion? Let me know).

Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair

Go to Past Asilomars

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If western culture is shown to be rich it is because… It has tried to dissolve harmful simplifications through inquiry and the critical mind.”    – Umberto Eco

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    Mr. Shahram Michael Miri
    Dr. Arthur Andrew Mirin
    Ms. Honorine Davis Misner
    Mrs. Katherine M. Mitchell
    Mr. Thomas C. Mitchell
    Edward G. Moczydlowski
    Mr. James E. Monson
    Mr. Elliot I. Morrison
    Mr. Michael G. Mueller
    Mrs. Kristen Ann Murray
    Theresa Nagle ,JD
    Dr. Mayumi Nakagawa
    Mrs. Carla R. Nelson
    Susan Newby
    Mrs. Harriet C. Newman
    Mr. Michel H. Nickel
    Mr. Martin A. Nicolaus
    Dr. Lela Garner Noble
    Elizabeth Noonan
    Mrs. Maria W. Norall
    Lauren H. Nosaka
    Richard J. O'Donnell, M.D.
    Chrisann Ohler, DVM,
    Mrs. Doris J. Olney
    Dr. Marijane Osborn
    Dr. Wayne Ott
    Judy Tsu-Kuan O'Young, M.D.
    Ms. Anita Marlais Palihnich
    Mrs. Michelle Palmer
    Lee Panich
    John V. Payne
    Mrs. Susan Petit
    Kimberly Phippen
    Mr. John Poelman
    Ms. Terese Pollock
    Dr. Ellen Mary Prager
    Margot Pratt
    William Prior
    Ms. Wilma R. K. Rader
    Mrs. Liza Anne Reavis
    Mr. Henry F. Reichman
    Dr. Edna Howald Reiter
    Donald Roberts, ,Ph.D.
    Mr. David Robertson
    Mr. Richard Clark Robinson
    Ms. Christine M. Roed
    Mrs. Carol Ann Rogers
    Mr. Carl Edward Rosenkilde
    Dr. Christine P. Rozance
    Mr. Thomas A. Rudkin
    Mrs. Barbara Miramonte Rueger
    Ms. Marsha Sato
    Dr. Donna E. Schafer
    Mrs. Shirley Samuelson Schell
    Dr. Judith Heiser Schiffner
    Mr. Eno A. Schmidt
    Mr. David Schnapf
    Mr. Daniel James Schneider
    Dr. Debra Brown Schneider
    Sheldon Schreiberg
    Mr. Harley S. Schultz
    Miss Dora Scott
    Mrs. Judith Bauer Scudder
    Ms. Marshall Seymour
    William Sharpe
    Mr. Norman John Shaskey
    Jonathan Sheu
    Natalie Shuttleworth
    Ms. Marjorie Rose Siegel
    Mrs. Marylee H. Siegle
    Virginia (Jeannie) Siegman
    Mrs. Jacquelyn T. Silver
    Ms. Randi Slaughter-Broussal
    Mr. Brian A E Smith
    Ms. Kathryn J. Smolen
    Mrs. Phyllis Y. Sokol
    Mrs. Deborah B. Sosebee
    Ms. Susanne Sparks
    Mrs. Deanne K. Spears
    Gary Steinberg
    Ms. Laurie Ann Stevens
    Sienna Stevenson
    Dr. Edward Bryant Stoneham
    Mr. Thomas Chase Stutzman
    Dr. Scott Douglas Sullivan
    Ms. Susan H. Swensson
    Mrs. Kiyoka Rose Takahara-Hillson
    Mr. Timothy D. Taron
    Ms. Emily Teruya
    Mrs. Deborah Stang Tesler
    Ronnie Thierman
    Mrs. Antoinette I. Thomas
    Mr. Leslie Lee Threatte, Jr.
    Dr. Steven Mark Tilles
    Patricia Tinto
    David Paul Trachtenberg, M.D.
    Karen Traister
    Meagan Elizabeth Travlos
    Mr. Matthew Wellman Tsang
    Mrs. Constance O. Vandament
    Dr. Jeffry Neal Vanderbilt
    Mr. David Paul Vandeveer
    Anouk Versavel
    Dr. Bradford W. Wade
    Darlene Ward
    Ms. Dorothy J. Weaver
    Mr. James Weaver
    Mrs. Frances Finch Webb
    Ari Weiland
    Mrs. Barbara Yates Weissman
    Dr. Richard B. Welch
    Dr. S. Benson Werner
    Steven Willett
    Mrs. Joan Cook Wilson
    Dr. Michael Robert Wilson
    Emilio August Wise
    Mrs. Nancy Ranney Wolcott
    Mr. Russell Jay Wong
    Dr. Calvin D. Wood
    Yvonne Wood-Antonuccio
    Mrs. Ruth C. Wrentmore
    Jane Hui-Chung Wu
    Ms. Jean W. Wu
    Dr. Ruth Powers Yaffe
    Dr. Amy Elizabeth Yakaitis
    Mr. John Milton Yarborough, Jr.
    Mr. Gary Stephen Yellin, CPA
    Ms. Sheri Diane Zalabak
    Prof. Calvin Zippin

    Students $10-$29
    Ms. Caroline G. Adams
    Jerika Barron
    Mr. Javier David Burdette
    Emi Dominique Fogg
    Cristina Ghirardo
    Kristen Marie Hanley Cardozo
    June Patricia House
    Clarissa Ibarra
    Ms. Leyla Karimzadeh
    John Patrick Kissane
    Thais Miller
    Dr. Paul Ortega
    Kemi Oyewole
    Ms. Vera Sandronsky
    Doriane Weiler
    Matthew Wilson
    Vaughn John Wittry, M.D.

    New Initiates
    Aileen Lee Kim
    Alec Konstantin
    Alexa Corse
    Alexandra Barrett-Shorter
    Alexis Molgaard
    Alma Orozco
    Amanda Klein
    Amy Chang
    Amy Creasey
    Andrew Jabara
    Angela Lu
    Anna Hoehenrieder
    Athena Nguyen
    Audrey Utchen
    Begonia Blossom Herbert-Ramirez
    Bernardo Velez Rico
    Bridget McGowan
    Cara Alexandra Fishman
    Carolyn Murray
    Catherine Movich
    Charlotte Young
    Cheverlyn Casta
    Cindy Cheung
    Cooper Jacob
    Cora Cliburn
    Daniel Ruprecht
    David Delgado de Robles
    Dr. Michael J. McCutcheon
    Edward Salud Abarado
    Elise Kostial
    Elizabeth Dianne Dickman
    Gabriela Renee Oliveira
    Garrick Ho
    Giannina Ong
    Griffin Hunt
    Griffin Scott Smith
    Hanyu Li
    Heather Weiss
    Holly Dayton
    Ila Schoop Rutten
    Jacob Stark
    Janani Mohan
    Jason Kent Low
    Jasper P. McEvoy
    Jear Keokham
    Jennifer Lang
    Jigyasa Sharma
    Jong Hyun Choi
    Jordan Elizabeth Parker
    Joseph Cotter
    Joshua Petersen
    Joshua Wild
    Joshua William Salazar
    Julia Fairchild Moore
    Julia Truitt
    Julianne Cilley
    Kaitlin Schroeder
    Karen MacLaughlin
    Katherine Downs
    Katherine Marie Aycock
    Katherine N. Klapperich
    Katie Welgan
    Kayla Tolentino
    Kelly Taylor Kennedy
    Kimberly Conrotto
    Laura Ong
    Lauren Cooper
    Lee Tulchin
    Leeann Hu
    Mark Alexander Mendoza
    Mary Jo Porter
    Maya Schneiderman
    Maya Singhal
    Melissa Eidman
    Michael Hess
    Michael Zhu Chen
    Michele Duckett
    Miss Antzela Dempi
    Miss Gena Donne Arnaiz
    Miss Jacqueline Walia
    Miss Negin Shahiar
    Morvarid Mehizadeh
    Mr. Abhishek Sharma
    Mr. Jyotirmai Singh
    Mr. Sergio Melissano
    Mr. Steven Shiang Cheng
    Ms. Barbara Montano
    Ms. Brooke Carmel Basile
    Nathan Chael
    Nicholas John Burns
    Nikki Chiang
    Pedro Hernandez-Bachen
    Pei Zhuang Yeow
    Raci Lynch
    Raj Bhargava
    Raleigh Browne
    Ryen Bani-Hashemi
    Sabrina Paynter
    Sam Redmond
    Samantha A. Yee
    Samantha Nichole Cox-Parra
    Samantha Nicle Lee
    Sarah Courtney Yung
    Sarah Elizabeth Shaffer
    Sarah Elizabeth Simmons
    Sarah Jenkins
    Scott Mutchnik
    Serena Ruffino
    Sina Soltanzadeh Zarandi
    Stefan Torralba
    Steven Chao
    Tai Dinger
    Taversia Borrelli
    Taylor Follett
    Tiffany Ellen Yang
    Tiffany Joseph
    Veronica Oberholzer
    Vicente Lovelace
    Victor Salazar
    Vivitha Mani
    Zoe Chamberlain

    PBK Board July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

    Mary Turner Gilliland, President
    Menlo Park, (650) 321-9966, Mltg@aol.com
    O’Neil Dillon, First Vice President – Programs
    Berkeley, cell 510-207-8761, oneilsdillon@gmail.com
    Davis, cell (707) 696-9498, hardardtj@gmail.com
    Joanne Sandstrom, Second Vice President – Scholarships
    Oakland, (510) 339-1352, joannes@berkeley.edu
    Patricia Kenber, Third Vice President – Membership
    Danville, (925) 838-2296, kenber@sbcglobal.net, Duncan Missimer, Treasurer
    Mountain View, (408) 368-0835, Duncan.missimer@ieee.org
    Susan Jenkins, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
    San Jose, (408) 532-6550, sjenkins4@yahoo.com
    Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair
    Santa Rosa, (707) 546-4238, dfrontczak@santarosa.edu
    Amanda Sanyal, Chapter Liaison
    Campbell, (650) 520-5419, a_derry@yahoo.com
    Ray Hendess, Communications Officer
    Petaluma, (707) 763-2072, Ray@pbknca.org
    Narcinda Lerner, Teaching Excellence Chair
    Woodside, (650) 851-0137, nrlernern@netscape.net