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June 2018 Newsletter

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From The President

Mary GillilandAs I begin my eighth year as President of Phi Beta Kappa - Northern California Association, I thank the membership for its confidence in me. I have enjoyed serving FBKNCA these past terms and look forward to an equally pleasant experience in 2018-19. Other than our Recording Secretary, Stacey Croll, our Board this coming year consists entirely of returning officers and chairs. Stacey, I am sorry to say, is moving south to San Diego, to return to school and earn her R.N. We all wish her luck. I am so pleased that everyone else was willing to "re-up" for another term. They are a delightful group with whom to associate and they make my job very easy, as they do all the work! Current Corresponding Secretary Susan Jenkins has volunteered to take on both secretarial positions. Thank you, Susan. The 2018-19 Nominating Committee consists of four members: Judy Hardardt - Chair, Elizabeth Archambeault, Maria Norall, and Gerry Richards. If you should feel a yen to participate in the governance of FBKNCA, please contact one of these people to discuss the various openings we may have in the future.

At the Association's Annual Meeting, held 6 May 2018 at the Free House Restaurant in Berkeley, we presented $7500 scholarships to twelve graduate students from four universities in our region. We also gave five Teaching Excellence Awards to faculty members from two different campuses; these professors were nominated by former students for their outstanding ability to make learning interesting and inspiring. It is not too early to nominate a teacher who had a great impact on your life; see the Teaching Excellence Awards sections on page two. Funds for our scholarships and awards come from your membership fees and gifts (all fully tax-deductible), and from any profit on our social programs. Please support PBKNCA however you are able: attend our monthly events to meet other members and to learn about the wonders of the Bay Area, donate to our Scholarship and Teaching Excellence funds, and join a hundred or more "seekers after knowledge" at the annual Asilomar conference over the weekend of February 15-18, 2019.

A final note: You can now signup for these events online, using PayPal or your credit card. Quick and easy, no coupons to download and mail; you get an instant receipt and you make it easier for our hard-working Program People - Judy Hardardt and O'Neil S. Dillon! See the website at www.pbknca.org. Of course, coupons are still available if you want to send a check. Mary Turner Gilliland President 2011-19

Mary Turner Gilliland President 2011-19

Twelve Scholars and Five Teachers Honored

Twelve Scholars and Five Teachers Honored
Sunday May 6, 2018 at the Free House, Berkeley

In fulfillment of its mission to encourage scholarship and research, the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association is honoring the following outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students with $7,500 scholarship awards to assist them in completing their educational objectives:

The Scholarship awards for 2018 were presented to:

William Callison, UC Berkeley, Political Science
Yvanka de Soysa, UC San Francisco, Biomedicine (Reed Scholarship)
Jordan Eizenga, UC Santa Cruz, Bioinformatics
Lelia Glass, Stanford, Linguistics
Marie Paulina Hartono, UC Berkeley, History (Gilliland Award)
Adam Lichtenheld, UC Berkeley, Political Science - Not able to attend
Kevin Moch, UC Berkeley, Classics (Norall Scholarship) - Not able to attend
Jeremy Nowak, UC Berkeley, Chemistry (Hendess Scholarship) - Not able to attend
Lisbet Ramirez-Chavez, UC Santa Cruz, Literature
Kerry Shannon, UC Berkeley, History (Hardardt Award)
Shiran Victoria Shen, Stanford, Political Science/Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kathryn Wilsterman, UC Berkeley, Biology


William Callison, Yvanka de Soysa, Jordan Eizenga, Lelia Glass, Marie Paulina Hartono


Lisbet Ramirez-Chavez, Kerry Shannon, Shiran Victoria Shen, Kathryn Wilsterman

Scholarship Committee members: Joanne Sandstrom (Chair), Jeff Fenton, Lynne Fovinci, Julie Fuchs, Jean James

See the students and read about their accomplishments here

From 1982 through 2018, the Association awarded 325 scholarships totaling $1,227,214 to outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students

The Teaching Excellence awards for 2018 were presented to:

The Teaching Excellence Committee has selected the following persons to receive Teaching Excellence Awards:

Ron E. Hassner, Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley (Hasenkamp Award)
Kinch Hoekstra, Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley
Naomi Janowitz, Department of Religious Studies, UC Davis
Martha Olney, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley
Jon D. Rossini, Department of Theatre and Dance, UC Davis


Ron E. Hassner, Kinch Hoekstra, Naomi Janowitz, Martha Olney, Jon D. Rossini

See the teachers and read about their accomplishments here

Teaching Excellence Committee members: Narcinda Lerner (Chair), Stacey Croll, Mary Hanel, Bryan Phan

The awards were presented on May 8, 2018 at the Free House, Berkeley, at our Annual Dinner. On that occasion we celebrated our primary mission: providing scholarships and teaching awards to deserving scholars and professors to recognize and enhance their educational and research activities.


Nominations for the Teaching Excellence Award for spring 2019 are being accepted now

We are seeking nominations for this prestigious award, which carries an honorarium as well as a certificate. Please nominate a professor you consider outstanding: someone who taught an especially memorable course or who impressed you as an unusually skilled educator, who had a special impact on your education, career, or life, or whom you found inspiring and admirable. Making such a nomination is an appropriate and satisfying way of expressing your gratitude to that person. Awardees nominated in 2019 will be honored at the ΦBKNCA awards dinner in May 2019. (See page two).

Faculty members of any rank (including lecturers and emeriti) at the following schools are eligible for nomination: Mills College, San Francisco State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and The University of the Pacific. Please give as complete information as possible. Your nominees need not be Phi Beta Kappa members. You may make more than one nomination, but please use a separate form for each nomination you make.

Nominations for spring 2019 must be received by November 30, 2018. Please use the webform at www.pbknca.org/teaching/ (preferred), or the hardcopy available by printing the pdf there.

Narcinda Lerner, Teaching Excellence Chair

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events – click the links

We Visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Visitor Center
Saturday, July 14, 2018

NASA Ames Research Visitor Center
Saturday, July 14, 2018

Be sure to read this important information about our enrollment, refund and cancellation policies.  Most events can accommodate you and any friends or family you'd like to bring along. Occasionally an event will have a limited enrollment, in which case we may not be able to accommodate more than one member and one guest per enrollment. No refunds; fees will be donated to the scholarship fund program in lieu of a refund. You will not receive written confirmation of your reservation for the events. Registration acknowledgements will be sent for Online but not Coupon Directions are available from the event websites, Google.com, your GPS, or on the day of the event by calling Judy at (707) 696-9498.
If you subsequently can't make an event, others may be waiting. Sorry, no refunds. Kindly notify O'Neil S. Dillon, M.D. - Programs, Berkeley, cell 510-207-8761, oneilsdillon@gmail.com.

Visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Visitor Center September 22, 12:00 Noon

Bay ModelThe Bay Model is a three-dimensional hydraulic model of San Francisco Bay and Delta areas capable of simulating tides and currents. It is over 1.5 acres in size and represents an area from the Pacific Ocean to Sacramento and Stockton, including: the San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun Bays and a portion of the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta.  No longer doing active hydrological research, it has been developed as a permanent exhibit focusing on environmental issues relevant to the Bay and Delta regions with interpretive murals, interactive and tactile exhibits covering the entire watershed from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  Active tidal cycles can also be observed.

A ranger led tour lasts 1- 1.5 hours and has been tailored for our group’s interests in issues such as sea-level rise and other critical environmental questions of our time.

Date:               Saturday, July 14, 2018
Time:              11:00 am (plan to arrive no later 10:30 am for check-in before the tour begins) 
Minimum:      10
Maximum:     20
Deadline:        July 3, 2018
Fee:                 $10.00
Directions:      The Visitor Center is located at 2100 Bridgeway in Sausalito
From the South:  After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, take the” Alexander" exit, which becomes Bridgeway through Sausalito.   Continue on Bridgeway North past the downtown area.   Turn right onto Marinship Way for about two blocks to the Bay Model.  Follow the signs for parking.
From the North:  From 101, take exit 445A, "Marin City, Sausalito", turn left at the stop and continue to Bridgeway under the Freeway overpass.   Go right on Bridgeway until you reach Marinship way one stop past Spring St.  Go left onto Marinship and continue about two blocks to the Bay Model.  Follow the signs for parking.
Register OnLine
Register By Mail

NASA Ames Research Visitor CenterNASA

Moffett Field, CA 94035 near Mountain View
about one hour docent led tour
(good for kids and grandkids as well)

NASA’s Ames Research Center is a key facility for many of NASA’s missions and projects. In the Visitor center you can see and learn about:

1. A spherical projection system offers a new look at the planets in the Universe.
2. An actual piece of the moon brought back from the apollo 15 mission
3. The Mercury Redstone 1A capsule from the last unmanned test flight.
4. Living and working in space.
5. The Kepler Mission and the discovery of potential new planets.
6. The Sofia Infrared Astronomy project enhancing the space telescope system.
7. Other NASA projects and missions.

Website: https://www.nasa.gov/ames

Date:               Saturday, September 22, 2018
Time:              12:00 am (plan to arrive no later 11:30 am for check-in before the tour begins) 
Deadline:        September 1, 2018
Fee:                 $10.00
Directions: :
From Highway 101: Exit at 'Moffett Blvd / NASA Parkway', then turn right onto Moffett Blvd. and proceed to the four way stop sign at the main gate.

From Highway 85: From Highway 85 Northbound, exit at 'Moffett Blvd' and then turn right onto Moffett Blvd. and proceed to the four way stop sign at the main gate.

ancroft Way.  Parking structure is across the street from the hotel’s entrance.

Register OnLine
Register By Mail

Asilomar 2019 33nd Annual Asilomar Conference the weekend of February 15 - 18, 2019

Asilomar 2019 33nd Annual Asilomar Conference 
the weekend of February 15 - 18, 2019

Where is Asilomar? The beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds was designed in the Arts & Crafts style by architect Julia Morgan and is located near Monterey, California. We have held our conference there for the past 32 years. For more see the Wiki

Go to Past Asilomars         


"All life is but a canvas to our imagination," Henry David Thoreau

If western culture is shown to be rich it is because… It has tried to dissolve harmful simplifications through inquiry and the critical mind.”    – Umberto Eco

As the news cycle spins ever faster, it is time for that annual change-of-pace weekend in the spring when Phi Betes gather with family and friends for fellowship, learning and exploration. 

Past attendees describe the event as a much-needed renewal for body, mind and soul. Where else can friends meet for provocative talks with leading scholars and artists, while relaxing in world-class architectural gems and hiking the stunning Monterey coast?  For details on last year’s event, visit https://www.pbknca.org/asilomar/asilomar.2018.phi.beta.kappa.pbk.php

There is a $125 registration fee per person which goes mainly to our Scholarship fund.

Lodging and meals are charged separately - instructions to follow in October.The per person total below is based on a 3-night stay beginning on Friday, February 15th and includes 3 meals per day and ALL applicable fees & taxes. Meals inclusive begins with dinner on arrival day and ends with lunch on departure day.

Single Occupancy: TBD, In 2018 it was $851.24
Double Occupancy: TBD. In 2018 it was $574.13 per person
Editor's note: This is a bargain. We have checked numerous other venues, and could find nothing comparable.

If you have questions on the program, please contact dfrontczak@scu.edu.  For registration matters, please contact Barry Haskell at bghaskell@comcast.net

Register OnLine
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PBKNCA members as of May 31, 2018 - You have made our Awards possible. Thank You!

Extraordinaire $5,000+
Mrs. Mary Turner Gilliland
Mrs. Judith L. Hardardt
Robert and Susan O'Donnell

Patron $1000+
Dr. Raymond W. Hendess
Ms. Susan May Jenkins
Mr. Duncan Bennett Missimer
Mr. Paul Sack

Sponsor $500-$999
Ms. Laura Mercedes Boyer
Mrs. Jeri Lynn Johnson
Mrs. Inge A. Svoboda
Mr. John Carroll Williams

Benefactor $250-$499
Carol Achtman, M.D.
Dr. Martin A. Apple
Mr. Joseph Frank Brilando
Mr. Douglas B. Clarke
Mr. David Charles Cunningham
Mr. Frank J. Fabbro
Mr. Daniel M. Faletti
Mr. Jeffrey Goldman
Dr. Robert and Barbara Grant
Mrs. Lucile Griffiths
Mr. Alex Harding
Bette Napoli Harris
Dr. Lester B. Jacobson
Mrs. Jean Ellen James
Ms. Patricia Susan Kenber
Mr. Douglas H. Klein
Mr. Harold Edwin Kruth
Ms. Susan Mann
Terry Maple
Dr. Wayne Ott
Ms. Letitia Leigh Sanders
Dr. Brenda Mae Shank
Mr. Samuel J. Spagnolo
Mr. Bruce Willock
Dr. Roy B. Woolsey

Donor $100-$249
Geri Alpert, Ph.D.
Mrs. Daina Dravnieks Apple
Gabriel Bryan Balazs, Ph.D.
Mrs. Anne Norrris Baldwin
Mr. Ronald Burton Bass
Mr. & Mrs. Murray Baumgarten
Bradford Bemis
Mrs. Karen Fowler Bilawski
Dr. Terrence F. Blaschke
Mr. Roger Blumer
Mrs. Frances Craig Bozdech
Ms. Marion Lambert Brackett
Ms. Margaret D. Brown
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N. Dwight Cary
Mr. Francis C. Cavagnaro
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Ms. Andrea Cohen
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Ms. Jeanne Elizabeth Cooper
Mr. Paul P. Craig
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Ms. Susan Winters Daly
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Dr. Anthony J. deLeon
Ms. Jacqueline Dever
O'Neil S. Dillon, M.D.
Mr. Thomas Michael Duffy
Ms. Linda Elizabeth Barry Dunn
Mrs. Emlen Hall Ehrlich
Ms. Nancy Amelia Elenberger
Ms. Natalee K. M. Ernstrom
Prof. Charles B. Faulhaber
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Mr. Seth Pedder Ferguson
Margery W. Findlay
Mrs. Lynne Sangster Fovinci
Dr. Michael C. Fuller
Mrs. D. Linda Geiger
Ms. Deborah Hannes Gordon
Ms. Patricia K. Granger
Ms. Caitlin Haberberger
Dr. Jay B. Hann, III
Dr. Tal Harari-Cohen
Dr. Barry G. Haskell
Mrs. Mary-Catherine Haug
Ms. Sally Louise Heath
Mr. Frank Casper Herringer
Mr. Katsumi Hikido
Melanie Hills
Ms. Joan Q. Hogan
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Dr. Henry Palmer Hotz
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Mr. Thomas S. Jew
Dorothy Jones
Mrs. Mary P. Kava
Mr. Victor J. Kayfetz
Mr. Daniel Leo Knapp
Dr. Mirka Knaster
Ms. Jean Campbell Kridl
Ms. Alexandra L. Kutik
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Erlyn Langley
Mrs. Katherine P. Layton
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Ms. Sarah Anne Schoellkopf
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Mr. Jeffrey L. Shelton
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Dr. Michele Jayne Shover
Steven Orrin Sidener
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Mr. Justin S. Libaw
Dr. Donna L. Little
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Mrs. Phyliss C. Loonin
Ms. April Gwen Lovvorn
Mr. Jason Frederich Macario,  Ph.D.
Mrs. Judith J MacClelland
Karen MacLaughlin
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Mr. Michael James Mahoney
Mrs. Janet Marshall Marble
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Ms. Virginia Martin
Ms. Wendy Grenert Martin
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Mrs. Jacklyn Stanton Maupin
Mrs. Joan H. Maxwell
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Dr. Roger L. McCarthy
Ms. Nancy Merchant
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Mr. Glenn Ray Meyer
Prof. Jacob Borchert Michaelsen
Mrs. Cheryle Lotsoff Stern Miller
Mr. Kirk Edward Miller
Natalie Miller 
Ms. Susan Jane Miller
Mr. Douglas Lyle Minnis
Mr. Shahram Michael Miri
Dr. Arthur Andrew Mirin
Mr. Thomas C. Mitchell
Dr. C. Ken Miura
Edward G. Moczydlowski
Samuel Moss
Mr. Michael G. Mueller
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Jane McCleod Murphy
Mrs. Kristen Ann Murray
Donald Neeper
Mrs. Carla R. Nelson
Mrs. Harriet C. Newman
Jacqueline Nguyen
Mr. Michel H. Nickel
Ms. Melissa A. Nidever
Jason Nielsen
Miss Jennifer Miyeko Nishizaki
Dr. Lela Garner Noble
Mrs. Maria W. Norall
Lauren H. Nosaka
Richard J. O'Donnell, M.D.
Mrs. Doris J. Olney
Ronald Orellana, Jr.
Megan O'Rorke
Dr. Paul Ortega
Dr. Marijane Osborn
Berneice M. Owen
Judy Tsu-Kuan O'Young, M.D.
Dr. Carol D. Pal
Ms. Anita Marlais Palihnich
Mrs. Michelle Palmer
Ms. Heather Lynne Paulsen
John V. Payne
Ronald Gary Pearl, M.D.
Mrs. Susan G. Phillips
Kimberly Phippen
Mr. Jonathan J. Plax
Ms. Terese Pollock
Ann Patzer Poulson
Dr. Ellen Mary Prager
Margot Pratt
Ms. Wilma R. K. Rader
Ms. Judith Radin
Justine Ramirez
Mrs. Claire S. Ravi
Mrs. Liza Anne Reavis
Dr. Edna Howald Reiter
Ms. Pamela Sims Rickard
Anna Rief, M.D.
Jasmine Rivera
Mr. David Robertson
Randy Robinson
Mr. Richard Clark Robinson
Ms. Lorrain M. Rocha-Brownell
Ms. Christine M. Roed
Mrs. Joan Klaus Roelands
Mr. Carl Edward Rosenkilde
Dr. Seth Allan Rosenthal
Lynn Rossman
Dr. Christine P. Rozance
Mr. Thomas A. Rudkin
Mrs. Barbara Miramonte Rueger
Mrs. Amanda Sanyal
Ms. Marsha Sato
Steven Boyd Saum
Dr. Donna E. Schafer
Dr. Judith Heiser Schiffner
Mr. David Schnapf
Mr. Daniel James Schneider
Dr. Debra Brown Schneider
Mr. Harley S. Schultz
Miss Dora Scott
Mrs. Judith Bauer Scudder
Dr. Michael Lance Seal, M.D.
Frederick James Seidl
Ms. Marshall Seymour
Mr. Norman John Shaskey
Mr. Jeffrey S. Sheff
Mrs. Jacquelyn T. Silver
Lauren Faith Silver
Mrs. Elaine Brody Silverman
Suzanne Eloise Siskel
Ms. Randi Slaughter-Broussal
Taylor Smith
Ms. Kathryn J. Smolen
Mrs. Phyllis Y. Sokol
Dr. James Y. Soong
Ms. Susanne Sparks
Mrs. Deanne K. Spears
Morgan Stanback
Ms. Ellen Dennis Stein
Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Stephan
Mr. Jan S. Stevens
Michael Stevens 
Mrs. Anne Stewart
Beverly Stone 
Dr. Edward Bryant Stoneham
William Stricklin
Mr. Thomas Chase Stutzman
Ms. Susan H. Swensson
Mrs. Kiyoka Rose Takahara-Hillson
Ms. Edith Claire Taylor
Ms. Emily Teruya
Mrs. Deborah Stang Tesler
Ronnie Thierman
Mrs. Antoinette I. Thomas
David J. Thomas
Mr. Leslie Lee Threatte, Jr.
Mr. Eric William Tilenius
Dr. Steven Mark Tilles
David Paul Trachtenberg, M.D.
Ms. Lisa Ann Tromovitch
Dr. Stephen Chervitz Trutane
David Tsung, M.D.
Ms. Emily Turula
Edith Ullman 
Mrs. Constance O. Vandament
Dr. Jeffry Neal Vanderbilt
Barry R. Vickrey
Dr. Eldon J. Vought
Dr. Bradford W. Wade
Ms. Dorothy J. Weaver
Mr. James Weaver
Mrs. Frances Finch Webb
Ari Weiland
Mrs. Barbara Yates Weissman
Dr. Richard B. Welch
Dr. S. Benson Werner
Mrs. Karen S. Wetherell
Mr. J. Richard Whitmore
Mrs. Mary C. Wilson
Dr. Michael Robert Wilson
Mrs. R. Marilyn Wilson
Emilio August Wise
Mrs. Marie Wolbach
Mr. Richard Gregory Wolf
Mr. Michael Bramson Wolfe, Esq.
Mr. Russell Jay Wong
Dr. Calvin D. Wood
Yvonne Wood-Antonuccio
Ms. Robin C. Worthington
Ms. Jean W. Wu
Mr. Roy Joseph Wyman
Dr. Ruth Powers Yaffe
Mr. John Milton Yarborough, Jr.
Mr. Gary Stephen Yellin, CPA
Dr. E. William Yund
Dr. Mary Alice Yund
Mr. Daniel Ziblatt
Mr. Melvin Richard Zimowski
Prof. Calvin Zippin

Students $10-$29
Mrs. Miho Tajima Alvarez
Jason Baskett
Sereen Benchohra
Rachel Berkowitz
Stacey Marie Croll
Lauren Finkelstein
Marcelo Garzo
Youav Gray
Kristen Marie Hanley Cardozo
Mr. Andrew Hannemann
Miss Grace Harpster
Katherine Ann Kennedy
Courtney Kersten
Kimberly Liang
Thomas Edward McDonald, Jr.
Thais Miller
Shelby Oxenford
Dr Katsuhito Sugano
Ms. Karen Elaine Tanner
Jane Hui-Chung Wu
Nuodi Zhang

ΦBK Board

ΦBK Board July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Mary Turner Gilliland, President
 Menlo Park, (650) 321-9966, Mltg@aol.com
Judy Hardardt, First Vice President – Programs
 Davis, cell (707) 696-9498, hardardtj@gmail.com
Joanne Sandstrom, Second Vice President – Scholarships
 Oakland, (510) 339-1352, joannes@berkeley.edu
Patricia Kenber, Third Vice President – Membership
 Danville, (925) 838-2296, kenber@sbcglobal.net
Duncan Missimer, Treasurer
 Mountain View, (408) 368-0835, Duncan.missimer@ieee.org
Stacey Croll, Recording Secretary (until June 30, 2018)
 San Ramon, (925) 355-1771, stacroll@gmail.com
Susan Jenkins, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
 San Jose, (408) 532-6550, sjenkins4@yahoo.com
Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair
 Santa Rosa, (707) 546-4238, dfrontczak@santarosa.edu
Amanda Sanyal, Chapter Liaison
 Campbell, (650) 520-5419, a_derry@yahoo.com
Ray Hendess, Communications Officer
 Petaluma, (707) 763-2072, Ray@pbknca.org
Narcinda Lerner, Teaching Excellence Chair
 Woodside, (650) 851-0137, nrlernern@netscape.net