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December 2020 Newsletter

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Your Membership is Expiring - Time to Renew your Membership

If you have not yet joined for 2021, Go to contribute.pbknca.org

We start soliciting for memberships for the next year in November because our scholarships are awarded in May and we need to know how much money will be available. Last year we were able to fund eight scholarships of $7,500 each from the dues and donations we collected and the income from our endowed funds. Go to www.pbknca.org/scholarship/ for more about these worthy students.

Due to the time from my desk to your mailbox, you may have already paid. If so, thank you. Ray

Here are the awardee winners from May 2020 that your contributions funded, To readmore about these scholars, go to https://www.pbknca.org/scholarship/scholarship.winners.current.phi.beta.kappa.pbk.php


2020 Awardees


In addition to scholarship awards, we honor faculty members nominated by their ΦBK students. In 2019, the following five received certificates and honoraria. Go to www.pbknca.org/teaching/teaching.winners.phi.beta.kappa.pbk.php for more about these distinguished teachers.


2020 TE Awardees


From the President

Mary GillilandAs you continue to shelter in place or venture out carefully, thanks to Covid-19, we on the PBK-NCA Board hope you are keeping mentally active, if not as physically active as you might like. Many thanks for being a member of our Northern California Association.

While circumstances don’t permit us to hold events in person, O’Neil Dillon, our First Vice–President for Programs, is planning some wonderful Zoom excursions for us to enjoy during our enforced quietude. See our website (www.pbknca.org) or page 3 in this Newsletter for descriptions of what he has on offer.

In May, which seems a long time from now, but which will be here before we know it, we’ll confer scholarships on worthy graduate students from our association’s campus Chapters. The hard work of Second Vice President–Scholarships, Joanne Sandstrom, and her committee (and your monetary contributions) makes this possible. My thanks to all members who have given generously to our scholarship program during the past year and before. Please keep it up! We didn’t hold our Annual Meeting this past May due to the virus, and we don’t know what May 2021 will bring, but we shall give scholarships again this coming year

We encourage nominations for our Teaching Excellence awards for faculty members at the universities in our Association area that have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. If you were motivated, impressed, or enthralled by a teacher at any of those schools, please nominate him/her for a Teaching Excellence award, using the form available at www.pbknca.org/teaching/ Teaching Excellence Chair Melissa Stevens awaits your input. Former recipients are often featured speakers at our Asilomar conferences.

Speaking of Asilomar, we regret that our annual Presidents’ Weekend symposium, which was to be held this coming February at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, has had to be cancelled due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus. Asilomar Chair Deirdre Frontczak was able to transfer our down-payment for 2021 to our 2023 reservation (2022 has already been paid), so the Association isn’t out any money for cancelling. Deirdre (dfrontczak@santarosa.edu) would be delighted to hear from you with suggestions for speakers for 2022. It’s never too early to get organized for our next weekend at Asilomar! Wishing you a peaceful autumn and happy holidays,

Mary Turner Gilliland, President 2011-20

Upcoming Events - Zoom Presentations of Asilomar




Due to the Covid-19, we will not be having any in-person events, but O’Neil Dillon, our First Vice–President for Programs in cooperation with Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair, and Mike Sitzer have planned some Zoom presentations of past Asilomar programs. The opportunity to “re-see” some of these presentations will be a rare treat for those of us who have attended and enjoyed these programs - but have sort of forgotten the details. It will also be an opportunity for those of you who have never attended Asilomar to see what you have been missing all these 34 years. O’Neil, Deirdre and Mike have not decided which programs to show, look at the Asilomar pages on our website to read about the former speakers (https://www.pbknca.org/asilomar/asilomar.2020.phi.beta.kappa.pbk.php)


Past Zoom events were very interesting

O’Neil has presented some interesting Zoom programs over the past months, including:


June 20, 2020 10-11AM “Working to Improve the Health of The American Indian” by Elaine Brinn


July 25th, 2020 10 AM A panel presentation titled “How the California Housing Shortage Developed, and What We Can Do About It” Dr. Fred Collignon, and Dr Elizabeth Tyler


August 22, 2020 10-11AM PBKNCA Judge Elaine Rushing “Negotiation, Mediation And Conflict Resolution Principles 101”


September 26, 2020 10-11AM PBKNCA Mr. Vic Schacter “How Negotiation, Mediation And Conflict Resolution Can Be Implemented In The Real World”


October 8, 2020 12-1:30 PM El Anatsui: The Reluctant Iconoclast, A lecture by Professor Zoë Strother Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar


In addition, Clair Coleman, head of the Young Professionals group has presented:


September 16, 2020 6:30–7:30 PM Young Professionals Virtual Happy Hour


October 21, 2020, 6PM PBKNCA "What Are Some of Our Younger PBKNCA Members Up To In Their Lives?" with Wesley Park, Leslie Marie Brownlee and Claire Coleman 


We also formed two book clubs open to new members.

PBK Board July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Mary Turner Gilliland, President
Menlo Park, (650) 321-9966, Mltg@aol.com
O’Neil Dillon, First Vice President – Programs
Berkeley, cell 510-207-8761, oneilsdillon@gmail.com
Joanne Sandstrom, Second Vice President – Scholarships
Oakland, (510) 339-1352, joannes@berkeley.edu
Patricia Kenber, Third Vice President – Membership
Danville, (925) 838-2296, kenber@sbcglobal.net
Duncan Missimer, Treasurer
Mountain View, (408) 368-0835, Duncan.missimer@ieee.org
Susan Jenkins, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
San Jose, (408) 532-6550, sjenkins4@yahoo.com
Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair
Santa Rosa, (707) 546-4238, dfrontczak@santarosa.edu
Amanda Sanyal, Chapter Liaison
Campbell, (650) 520-5419, a_derry@yahoo.com
Ray Hendess, Communications Officer
Petaluma, (707) 763-2072, Ray@pbknca.org
Melissa X.Stevens, Teaching Excellence Chair
Playa del Rey, (530) 933-1550, melstevens@berkeley.edu