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Avoid the hassle of remembering to renew your membership

You can have PayPal make your yearly membership payments for you.
Note that PayPal defines a subscription as a recurring payment.

By clicking the "Subscribe" below, PayPal will automatically make the payment now and will automatically renew it (paid again by PayPal) each year unless the subscription is cancelled or the funding source (e.g. credit card) PayPal has on file expires.

Annual Membership Payment - called "Subscribe" by PayPal. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your transaction after pressing the "Subscribe" button.

Please select the amount you wish to contribute yearly from the dropdown box below -
Regular Dues: $30.00
Sustaining: $50.00
Donor: $100.00
Benefactor: $250.00
Sponsor: $500.00
Patron: $1,000.00

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A subscription cancellation will cancel the (future) automatic annual renewal (recurring payment), but will not affect the current membership for the already paid 12-month term, and we are unable to refund portions of the membership fee for "unused" months within the current term.

In order to stop the recurring payment (cancel the subscription), you can click the “Unsubscribe” button above or cancel through your PayPal account as follows, according to

View your preapproved payment information:

  1. Click Settings (the little gear) next to "Log out."
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Click Manage pre-approved payments under "Pre-approved payments."
  4. Click the agreements you want to view in the "My preapproved payments" section.

Please do not contact us to cancel your recurring payment, as you have set this up with PayPal, not with us.

Payments made by check will NOT be renewed automatically. To renew, make a payment through our membership page

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