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Some of the PBK Initiates - Click the pictures for an enlarged view. Use your back-button to return
2017 University of the Pacific Initiates
2017 University of the Pacific Initiates

UOP Professor Jennifer Helgren PBK Chapter President presents awards to new Initiates

Initiations 2013 - 2016
PBK UCSC 2016-06-01 Alexander Grillo pres   PBK UCSC 2016-06-01 Initiates
PBK UCSC 2016-06-01 Alexander Grillo President   PBK UCSC 2016-06-01 Initiates
Mary Gilliland, President of the Northern California Association speaks to some new initiates at U.C. Santa Cruz 2015
At U.C. Santa Cruz


At Mills College

At U.C. Santa Cruz 2013
At Mills College 2013
At The University of the Pacific
At Santa Clara University
At The University of the Pacific 2013
At Santa Clara University 2013

The Northern California Association invites you, as a new Phi Beta Kappa member, to join over 1000 other ΦBK alumni by offering you complimentary membership for one year. The membership is automatic; you will receive our email newsletters as they are published.

In addition, you are eligible to join our LinkedIn group, composed only of Phi Betes like yourself. If you are interested in joining this group, you must Contact Patricia Kenber, Third Vice President – Membership so we can authorize you to join.

You are also invited to attend our monthly events (unfortunately, there is a small fee).

So, what is the award-winning ΦBK Northern California Association?
It is one of more than fifty active Phi Beta Kappa alumni associations in the United States where you may continue to interact with Phi Betes from all over the country after graduation.

ΦBK Northern California Association brings Phi Betes together and promotes learning
The purposes of our Association are to recognize and encourage scholarship, to promote teaching excellence, and to provide social, educational, and networking activities for our members.

We provide Scholarships for graduate students
Our Association annually awards scholarships to outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students selected from our eight regional schools with Phi Beta Kappa chapters.  Applications are available from the ΦBK chapter at the university from which you will receive your graduate degree. See previous winners here>>>

We honor great teachers – please nominate your favorite
You have just finished your college education. Did you have a teacher of any level in college who was an outstanding teacher or who made a special contribution to your development? We recognize outstanding teachers with our highly prized Teaching Excellence awardsSince outstanding teaching is what we honor, not research or publication, our honorees must be nominated by a student in order to be considered.   If you would like to nominate a professor who has inspired you, please fill out the nomination form. See previous winners here>>>

Having fun and networking with others is important, too!
We are one of the largest ΦBK associations in the nation.  We take pride in raising funds for scholarships and honoring outstanding teachers.  In addition, our members also want to have fun, and our younger members want to network.  Each year, we host a retreat over Presidents' Day weekend at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove.  Throughout the rest of each year, we organize about ten special activities.  Events ( listed in our newsletters) and have included private tours of science and art museums, botanical gardens, research centers, wineries, and agricultural preserves.  Check out our homepage for more information.

We look forward to meeting you soon!