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Blu Homes Tour - Mare Island - PreFab houses that fold to 12' wide for transport

January 24, 2015


The benefits of building a Blu home abound. Blu homes are modern, green, beautiful, state-of-the-art, architect-designed, energy efficient and are personalized by your choice of high-quality finishes. Our factory-crafted prefab homes use Blu’s proprietary steel frame technology to create homes that are strong, durable and more spacious and light-filled than traditional homes. This process—combined with our sophisticated 3-D technology to design, engineer, build and finish your home—enables us to complete your prefab home in less than nine months all at a fixed and transparent cost.

Built in our state-of-the art factory, Blu provides high-quality construction and predictable costs and timelines.

After your home is completed in the factory, we will deliver it to your site, literally unfold and set it on the foundation in just 1-2 days. After 4-8 weeks of on-site finishing, it’s time to move in. See a video on YouTube which shows a home being built, setup and unfolded! Click here

When guests visit our homes, they are amazed that they were built in a factory in just a few months. The impeccable precision and durability of our prefab construction make our homes feel solid, quiet and extraordinarily well built.

Compared to other builders, we go above and beyond to help you design and personalize your home to fit your lifestyle and tastes. Choose from among our award-winning floorplans, take your pick from top-of-the-line appliances and finishes and work with our friendly and talented architects to create the perfect home design for your land.

Clicking on a picture will take you to an enlarged view...

Factory - former
submarine plant!

Concept of the folding

Starts with iron being

setting up the framework
Some structure created
Another wall
And another
Starting to look like a house
Three modules aligned,
but they will ship as
separate units

Clearstory attached
Kitchen is assembled
in the plant

Interior of Breezehouse
Interior of Breezehouse
Interior of Breezehouse