Important information about our enrollment, refund and cancellation policies.

Most events can accommodate you and any friends or family you'd like to bring along. Occasionally an event will have a limited enrollment, in which case we may not be able to accommodate more than one member and one guest per enrollment. Acknowledgements will be sent for Online but not Coupon registrations. Directions are available from the event websites,, your GPS, or on the day of the event by calling O'Neil at 510-207-8761.

If you subsequently can't make an event, others may be waiting. Sorry, no refunds; fees will be donated to the Scholarship Fund in lieu of a refund. Kindly notify O'Neil S. Dillon, M.D. - Programs, Berkeley, cell 510-207-8761,

Also, when we have an event that generates more funds than the event provider charges, the extra goes to the Scholarship fund.

Thank you!