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    Eight Scholars and Four Teachers Honored, May, 2020

    In fulfillment of its mission to encourage scholarship and research, the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association is honoring the following outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students with $7,500 scholarship awards to assist them in completing their educational objectives:

    The Scholarship Awards for 2020 were Presented to:

    Sarah Gaffney--UC Davis; ecology

    Nathan Gamarra--UC San Francisco; biochemistry and biophysics--Hendess award

    Dominick Lawton--UC Berkeley; Slavic languages and literature--Gilliland award

    Matthew Libass--UC Berkeley; environmental science, policy, and management

    Jacob Moe-Lange--Stanford; biology

    Anna Nisi--UC Santa Cruz; environmental studies--Reed award

    Mark-Phillip Pebworth--UC San Francisco; biomedical sciences--Hardardt award

    Sabrina Shirazi--UC Santa Cruz; ecology and evolutionary biology--Norall award

    2020 Award Winners

    Scholarship Committee members: Jean James, Jeff Fenton, Lynne Fovinci, Judy Hardardt, Joanne Sandstrom (Chair)

    From 1982 through 2020, the Association awarded 345 scholarships totaling $1,467,214 to outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students

    The Teaching Excellence Awards for 2020 were Presented to:

    The Teaching Excellence Committee has selected the following persons to receive Teaching Excellence Awards:

    R. Lanier Anderson - Stanford University, Philosophy
    Barbara Barnes - UC Berkeley, Gender and Women's Studies
    Steven Hinshaw - UC Berkeley, Department of Psychology
    Scott Sagan - Stanford University, Political Science


    2020 Teaching awardees composite


    Teaching Excellence Committee members: Kimberly Aguilar, Neil McElroy, Frank Farris, Melissa Stevens, and Narcinda Lerner (Chair).

    Due to the Corona Virus, we were not able to hold the Annual Luncheon to present the awards in person.