Awards Received!

Eno Schmidt receives Cupertino CREST Award   Janiece Nolan Receives the Distinguished Leadership Award

Eno SchmidtEno Schmidt has volunteered his time for the Audit Committee of PBKNCA for many years, and has been most valuable to the Association.

In addition, Eno is the President of the Cupertino Library Foundation. For his work there he has been a recipient of Cupertino's CREST award. The CREST award stands for Cupertino Recognizes Extra Steps Taken. Every year the City of Cupertino gives their CREST Award to outstanding community volunteers. These individuals or groups have been nominated by their peers who recognize their contribution to the quality of life in Cupertino. Among those honored this year was Eno Schmidt.

Eno has taken the extra steps to enhance the quality and presence of the Library Foundation, the Cupertino Library and their services to the Cupertino community. He has forged a collaborative relationship with the Rotary Club of Cupertino which resulted in the Cupertino Library Foundation being named the beneficiary of the 2009 Rotary Golf Classic-ensuring a $25,000 grant for the planned Teen Room enhancement. Eno has worked tirelessly at leading the foundation and being willing to do the “small” and necessary tasks to get the job done. He has just been honored by receiving the 2009 CREST Award.


Rolf Beier and Florence Beier - Dedicated peace activists, they are members of the Beyond War movement, and also participated in an Israel and Palestinian peace group. Rolf was a German soldier, and Florence is Jewish. Louise Rafkin, Special to The Chronicle
Sunday, February 27, 2011.


Janiece Nolan The Graduate Program in Health Management Alumni Association at UC Berkeley has just named Janiece S. Nolan, Ph.D., (our NCA Chapter Liaison) for the Distinguished Leadership Award, recognizing :

  • Her role in establishing a regional trauma center in Contra Costa County
  • Her leadership in establishing the CalStar Medical Helicopter System
  • Her recruitment of over 50 physicians to the East Bay area
  • Her development of an East Bay network of 800 physicians at John Muir Health

The award will be presented at the Haas School of Business on February 24, 2009.

For more about Dr. Nolan, go here

Janiece Nolan, Ph.D. named to the Contra Costa Commission for Women's Ninth Annual Hall of Fame

Janiece Nolan, Ph.D., Chapter Liaison Chair, has been named to the Contra Costa Commission for Women's Ninth Annual Hall of Fame in the category "Women Demonstrating Leadership". Dr. Nolan is President/CEO John Muir Physician Network. Her definition of leadership is "I taught leadership courses in the Naval reserve, and the thing we impressed upon people is that your leadership needs to be strong enough that your sailors are ready to die for you".

Janiece has been Chapter Liaison Chair of ΦBK NCA since 2005. She is responsible for maintaining contact with the ΦBK Chapters in Northern California as well as for informing new inductees to ΦBK of the advantages of joining our Association.

See "A conversation with Janiece Nolan of John Muir Physician Network" in the East Bay Business Times for more information about her, and also the Contra Coasta Commission for Women's website.