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We encourage you to indicate your interest in serving on one or more committees. When we are looking for new committee members, we check our database and contact those that have indicated an interest. However, since there are not openings on every committee every year, you may indicate an interest and not be called. Please don't interpret this as lack of interest on our part. If you have special skills that you think might be useful to the Association, we would appreciate a separate note, e-mail or call. Most committee work requires attending one to three meetings, but may require some additional work in preparation for the meetings. Committee chairs, who are members of the Board, are usually selected from the committee members.

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Your tax-deductible contribution will do much to promote the quality education we all value so highly. Since we do not receive any of the dues that you might send to the National PBK Society or to the Chapter at your school, we look forward to your contribution. Our annual tax-deductible dues are only $30. Student memberships are only $10 for full-time students. Additional levels are Sustaining $50, Donor $100, Benefactor $250, Sponsor $500 and Patron $1000+. Contributors at these levels, as well as contributions to the Scholarship, Teaching Excellence and Endowment Funds, are given special recognition in our newsletters. What's more, since we are all volunteers, none of your money goes for remuneration of any of our officers or members!

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