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Ten Scholars and Four Teachers will Honored
Saturday May 7, 2016 at the Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley

In fulfillment of its mission to encourage scholarship and research, the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association is honoring the following outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students with $5000 scholarship awards to assist them in completing their educational objectives:

Awards are presented at the Berkeley Faculty Club

The Scholarship awards for 2016 will be presented to:

Sarah Ackley, UC San Francisco, Epidemiology and Translational Science
Thinh Chau, UC Davis, Medicine (Norall Family Grant)
Jesse Cordes Selbin, UC Berkeley, English
Jacob Habinek, UC Berkeley, Sociology
Molly King, Stanford, Sociology
Jasmine Mote, UC Berkeley, Psychology/Clinical Science
Kerry Persen, Stanford, Political Science (Gilliland Grant)
Elan Portner, Stanford, Biology
Bronwen Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, Environmental Studies (William and Adeline Hendess Scholarship)
Racheli Wercberger, UC San Francisco, Neuroscience (Elizabeth B. Reed Memorial Scholarship)

From 1982 through 2015, the Association awarded 303 scholarships totaling $1,128,600 to outstanding Phi Beta Kappa graduate students.

Campanile on the Berkeley campus

The Teaching Excellence awards for 2016 will be presented to:

Claude Goldberg, Department of Education, Stanford University
Robert Goldman, Department of East and South East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Alessa Johns, Department of English, University of California. Davis
Justin Whittall, Department of Biology, Santa Clara University (Hasenkamp Award)

The awards will be presented on May 7, 2016 in the Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley, at our Annual Dinner. On that occasion we celebrated our primary mission: providing scholarships and teaching awards to deserving scholars and professors to recognize and enhance their educational and research activities.